Chicken Drumsticks with Puff Pastry / Milföyde Tavuk Budu

Drumsticks servedAs you have probably read by now, I have been giving Turkish Cooking Classes since 2013. When deciding on the menü which is different in every class I try to pick dishes that are nice to present to guests too. This Chicken Drumsticks with Puff Pastry in particular has very good looks. Will be particularly striking for your guests and is not as trick compared to the praise you will receive.

There is not much risk about this dish either. You just boil the drumsticks until well done. Adjust the water according to the pot you will us. Add less water if you are using a pressure cooker. Add an onion cut into four and salt. Check the drumsticks by sticking in a knife. Do not overcook; we want the meat to stay on the bones. If the knife goes in easily and there is no blood coming after you pull out the knife, it is a sign that the drumsticks are ready for the next step. Set aside to cool then peel off the skin. Keep the stock for preparing a delicious pilaf with tomato or a chicken soup

Boiled drumsticksWhile the chickens are boiling prepare the cheese filling. If there is someone that cannot tolaeate nuts feel free to leave out the walnuts. You can make it half with walnuts and the other half with walnuts and sprinkle one with nigella seeds and the other with sesame seeds to differentiate. 

Cheese filling

For those that are living in Turkey I am adding the picture of the cream cheese I have used, any brand will do actually. krem peynir

If your puff pastry is rectangular cut into half to obtain squares. Keep in room temperature for a while until they are soft enough to be expanded. Using a Rolling pin make them wide enough to pack a drumstick. Then spread some cheese filling on each puff pastry sheets slightly. Pack up each drumstick with half a sheet of puff pastry. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and nigella seeds.

Packed Drumsticks

Cook in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius. As soon as the puff pastry is brownish and crispy, you are ready to serve. Baking will not take long, 15-20 minutes will be enough, as you have already cooked the drumsticks, and they will be ready in a short time.

drumsticks with puff pastry

A healthy salad such as the rocket salad with pomegranate seeds will be a perfect companion.


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