Greens, Lentil and Bulghur Salad / Bat Recipe

This is a very refreshing salad from the Northern part of Anatolia. It is so good, actually it could be a definition of healthy eating. It hasĀ  lots of greens and very nutritious with lentils; which is a replacement of meat. It can be very watery and served like a cold soup or with less water as a side dish. Some prefer to eat it with grape leaves.

Besides, and may be most important of all; it is one of by dear husband’s favorites. He feels re-energized when he has this. He has several large pots of it whenever I prepare it. He always says all his stress is gone away and is very happy.

I feel lucky to have a husband who enjoys greens too.

Of course it requires a lot of chopping. IMG_0354

Then more chopping. I generally take out the top layer of the spring onions. Just to make sure they are clean enough.

IMG_0351On the other hand there is very little cooking. The bulghur just needs washing. As the bulghur used for this salad the smallest possible; the way I wash the bulgur is soak it up in water the large serving dish. Wait that the bulghur settles to the bottom and just pour the excess water. If the water is too starchy you may repeat this several times. If you pour away just a little bit bulghur away, that is fine. And if there is some water left in the dish, that is also fine.

bulghurThe only thing that needs cooking – that is just boiling – is the lentils. Wash under running water, in a colander first. And then put into a pot with lots of water. Cook until edible. Taste if necessary. I like them a little bit raw. It is totally up to you. But do not cook them to become mushy. If ugly foams occur in the pot. Discard them. When the lentils are ready, drain the black water, wash with hot water. While still warm pour all the lentils on top of the bulghur and set aside to cool for about 10 minutes. You do not need to soak them in water beforehand as they cook pretty fast anyway.


Meanwhile finish all the remaining chopping. Try to cut similar things in similar sizes.

IMG_0357Then it is left to adding spices, salt, dry mint, black and red pepper flakes. And lots of drinking water mixed with lemon, tomato and pepper paste. Mix all and add. Taste, adjust and enjoy. You can use your creativity and add other things like a tablespoon full of pomograte sauce.


Some like eat this with making small wraps with grape leaves too. We like it really watery, almost like a soup. It is also totaly ok to have it with much less water.


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2 comments on “Greens, Lentil and Bulghur Salad / Bat Recipe
  1. Padum says:

    This soup is so pretty. Love that you make it just for one. I ulausly find my self making a big pot of soup in those situations that we then have to eat for days.

  2. Gokhan says:

    I think bat recipe is healthiest food in the world. I love it. Thank you. All the best.

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