Having Subscribers

One of the best things about owning and maintaining a blog is having subscribers. Everytime I open my mail it is a real joy to read new names joining the group. Do not wait to offer subscription, from your first post, you can ask visitors to join you, you do not need to be shy about it. They might not come back to visit you again and you will be sorry.subscribeButton

There are many plugins for getting subscribers. I use Mailmunch. It is easy to use, free of charge.

It is always a good idea to give away something for free for those that choose to be your subscribers. This could be an e-book, a check-list, and access to a video, anything that is relevant to your content. I have prepared an e-book about measurements as mine is a food blog. To prepare my e-book I used Abode Acrobat. It is very common, which an important thing so there will be less problems when people want to open your e-book. Again no charge.

I have difficult in understanding how some people can be mean. Occasionally I get a surprising number of subscribers at the same time or one following the other. I am not a suspicious person, but even I am pushed to check when something like this occurs. So before getting over excited that the number of your subscibers are increasing please dubble check. There are lists about spam or hacker domains. This is the Spam Domain List that I use. When I have a subsciber that has a suspicious domain name I check with this Spam Domain List and erase it. Is is no charge, you can make a donation if you are happy with them. I really cannot understand people who spam and/or hack – what have I done to them to make them do this.

Ofcourse do not forget to do something for your subscribers. If I subscribe to a blog I expect the same. So a good thing may be sending out news letters about what you have done in your blog lately or sending a post to their e-mail about what you have done lately. I choose to the first one, that is I send a newsletter with the list of new recepies I have added recently and I announce new Turkish Cooking Lessons. For the news letters I am using Mailpoet Plugin. Pretty easy to use, actually you get use to it in time. Again no charge.

So this is all about subsciption, I hope you’ll find it useful and you subscibe to my blog if you haven’t done so already.


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