Turkish Cooking Lesson – October

Dear Ladies,

I have recently learned from a survey that Turkey is only the 49’th among the Top Expat Destinations in 2014. www.turkishyummies.com/top_expat_destinations/. Perhaps my Turkish Cooking Lessons will help to improve this result. I am happy to announce the next Turkish Cooking Lesson on October 21’st, 2014.

At least 6 persons are required to open a class and maximum 9. All you need to bring is 100 TL and your apron. I will not be able to accept cancellations within 24 hours to the class beginning, in which case will have to ask for full payment of the class fee.

All the details and the menu information is available in my new website; www.turkishyummies.com.

Looking forward to read your comments and signing up.

Have a great Bayram vacation.

Warm regards,

Nese Yurtcu



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